Letter of intent with the Railway Institute

We are pleased to announce that on July 3, 2017 representatives of the Railway Institute and Hyper Poland signed a letter of intent for cooperation in the development of Hyperloop technology and the construction of the Hyperloop test track.



Hyper Poland is one of 35 semifinalists in the Global Challenge organized by Hyperloop One. Our proposed Hyperloop route (Warsaw-Lodz-Wroclaw) was recognized as an area of interest. The main goal of the challenge is to choose the best proposal for the first Hyperloop route in Europe. Representatives of Hyper Poland sp. z o.o. took part in the European semifinal of the Hyperloop One Global Challenge, which took place June 5-7 2017. The event provided an opportunity for discussion about the developments in the transportation market in Europe and around the world.
More information on the Hyperloop One Global Challenge can be found here:
Official page of the HOGC
Hyperloop One's Vision for Europe Summit: Unveiling 9 Routes Spanning the Continent as Part of its Global Challenge




On June 23, 2017 the Polish Radio Industry Prizes were awarded. Statuettes were given out to the best Polish Firms in five different categories. Hyper Poland won a Polish Radio Industry Prize in the Groundbreaking Solution category as the most innovative firm in Poland. “We are starting to reverse the paradigm that Poland is a technology importer and we are becoming a country that can actually export transport technologies” - said Krzysztof Tabiszewski, CEO of Hyper Poland.

More information can be found at:
Nagrody Gospodarcze Polskiego Radia wręczone po raz pierwszy (TVP)
Polskie Radio po raz pierwszy wręczyło Nagrody Gospodarcze (Polskie Radio)

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SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition II


The Hyper Poland University Team, which is made up of 25 ambitious young engineers from the Warsaw University of Technology and the Wroclaw University of Science and Technology, designed a 1:1 scale prototype. Our capsule resembles the silhouette of today's high-speed trains. It is driven by electric motors, and will either move on wheels or be raised by magnetic levitation, depending on the speed attained. Design speed for all components is about 430 km/h, while the target vehicle can travel at speeds up to 1200 km/h. Thanks to the use of materials from the aerospace industry, such as aluminum alloys, magnesium alloys, or carbon composites, the construction will be very light while retaining sufficient strength. For safety reasons it will be equipped with two independent braking systems. In addition, the electronic system will keep the vehicle on the road while driving and, if necessary, automatically initiate emergency safety procedures. This capsule will be a test platform for technology research that will be used in a full-fledged operating system in the future.

SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition II - hyper poland university team



Team Hyper Poland, in cooperation with specialists from the U.S. (Wheeler Kearns Architects) and the United Arab Emirates (Asem Zabin from iTech Management Consultancy), received the prize for the most innovative approach to Building Information Modeling (BIM) in the contest finals of Build Earth Live: Hyperloop in Dubai. Build Earth Live: Hyperloop was the eighth edition of the competition organized by Asite. It took place on September 26-28 2016. The primary objective was to design freight and passenger pods and a tube with stations on the route between Dubai and Fujairah. Sixty-five teams from 29 countries competed, and 6 advanced to the finals. Along with Hyper Poland in the final was one of the world’s largest infrastructure design companies, Systra, and in the non-student category, the SpaceX Pod Competition Hyperloop, rLoop. The Hyper Poland team was awarded for integrating form and function with an innovative approach to the design process. The ceremony took place in Dubai on October 4, 2016 and the team was presented the award by the CEO of the Dubai Future Foundation, Saif Al Aleeli. Hyper Poland, in collaboration with Wheeler Kearns Architects , intends to continue working on the optimization of the Hyperloop station.